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How to Increase Your Value Today

People who are intellectually curious and constantly learning have greater economic value to themselves and their organizations. So learn a little (at least) about everything that you can. Take advantage of every opportunity your supervisor offers (and ask for more). But most importantly, make learning your responsibility.

Those who make a habit of learning things they need to know as well as things not directly related to them:

· Tend to be more imaginative, creative, and innovative
· Can do more things more quickly and effectively

· Have more to offer their teammates and colleagues

· Are able to make more of their productive abilities

· Are likely flexible, versatile, and forward-looking

· Can respond promptly to shifts in customer/superivor needs and preferences

Constantly learning new things isn’t just nice to do; it’s a must-do for anyone seeking lasting success. A good nighttime exercise is to jot down at least one thing new that you learned today. If you can’t, you have to come up with two tomorrow!

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Saturday, 23 February 2019