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"The outcome of my coaching and speaking is that people
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with purpose — to be the best or quickly become the best."

— Debra Benton

Executive Coach Debra Benton

Debra Benton's expertise has helped thousands of executives up their game and make positive, lasting change. Debra's approach is a straightforward, open and honest dialogue of practical and insightful advice. She can help you enhance your skills, capabilities, and performance to:

Keynote Speaker Debra Benton

Debra Benton is a globally-recognized executive coach, bestselling business author, and popular conference keynote speaker on leadership and executive effectiveness. Her articles have been published in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Fast Company.

Benton has written ten business books, many of which have been on The New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek bestseller lists. She has appeared on Good Morning America, Today, CNN and CBS This Morning with Diane Sawyer. Benton specializes in helping people take ownership of their potential and make positive, lasting change in their attitudes, actions, connections, and interactions — to improve overall performance for themselves and their organizations.

What Others Say About Debra Benton

"Debra, you're like the golf pro who gets me to move my thumb one inch on my grip to keep me out of the rough and increase my chance of getting a hole in one."
— Allison Saltzer, Microsoft

"Following her advice I received a promotion and a raise at a time when salaries were frozen for cost containment. I expanded my work responsibilities to include an entire new category of strategic planning, and was recognized as a finalist for a prestigious international industry award."
— Lara Nichols, Tyco International

"You teach smart, savvy, experienced people to stand out in an increasingly crowded workforce. You make the difference in making them special. The competition is brutal. You teach people that the way you present yourself can be your tipping point for success."
— Bob Berkowitz, The Dilenschneider Group

Read Debra Benton's latest book,
The CEO Difference

In The CEO Difference (McGraw-Hill, 2014), Benton clearly and concisely guides you how to authentically and effectively differentiate yourself from the competition — how to exceed among exceeders — for a rewarding and electrifying career.

Executive Coach Debra Benton

"As a leading CEO coach for decades, Benton offers practical advice to aspiring leaders to help them authentically and effectively differentiate themselves in the workplace. A very worthy read."

— Douglas R. Conant, Chairman, Avon Products and Chairman, Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute at Northwestern University

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