Bite-Size Executive Coaching: A New Option for 2020


You can remember times where you’ve been stuck, you had a career crisis, or a gigantic choice to make and you had no one objective and experienced to talk to about it — well, now you do. 

I am now offering bite-size executive coaching for what you need, when you need it. A long-term coaching relationship with me is still available, but now so is an “immediate and urgent” coaching session. 

Because even a small mid-course correction changes everything.

As one of the top-ranked executive coaches in the country, I’ve been providing clarity and direction to help people confidently change course towards a better and stronger outcome that fits them for decades. As one client just recently told me, I help you navigate change with resiliency.

7 Reasons You Need Bite-Size Executive Coaching

You may

  1. be dealing with a difficult co-worker or some conflict that persists.
  2. have transitioned to working from home and want to maintain a strong presence in your company.
  3. be changing jobs and you want to improve your interviewing skills.
  4. have a new job or a new boss and you want to start off on the right foot.
  5. be preparing to give a speech or public presentation and want to shine.
  6. have been passed over for a promotion and don’t want to let it happen again.
  7. want to have a bigger impact in your current job… or, you simply want to get unstuck from feeling stuck.

How Does Bite-Size Executive Coaching Work?

You can schedule an hour on the phone right now with me for $250. 

For that price, you will be able to send your issues and questions before your scheduled hour, so I can be thinking and preparing for the conversation. Together, we will discuss the situation so you gain some new thinking and ideas to help with the outcome. You pay for the time with a credit card.

And when the hour is over? Email me and tell me how things went. I am invested in your success.

If you want more than an hour, you can also contract for five hours over a 90 day period for $1000 (a $250 discount) using the same arrangement as you would for a single hour.

Contact me at 970-222-0894 or to set up a time.

Bonus Option for Entire Teams

If you are looking for professional leadership development for your entire team, then I can help.

I am offering a 60-minute webinar for $1500. 

I will personally interview you and your contacts well in advance. After learning about your organization’s goals, challenges and culture, I’ll weave my findings into a customized-to-the-situation presentation.

Don’t Struggle Alone

One client reported, “I learned in a few hours with Debra what would have taken me 10 years to acquire through sheer experience.” Another shared, “From Debra’s nuanced advice I figure it’s added $400,000 to my income over the last four or five years.” 

If you need help, I’m here for you. Contact me at 970-222-0894 or to see how we can work together.

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