Physical Contact at Work: A Powerful Tool for More Effective Communication

By Debra Benton
Five Colleagues Bump Fists While Working

Physical contact at work is a communication tool few people take advantage of. It can help you bond and connect with people way beyond the “dispensing data” form of communication. After all, who doesn’t appreciate the positive recognition of a “pat on the back,” literally or figuratively? And, yes, you can touch strangers as well … Read more

Dealing with Bully Coworkers: 14 Ways to Spot a Business Bully

By Debra Benton
Woman Surrounded by Bullying Coworkers

If you aren’t dealing with bully coworkers currently, you probably will be very soon. Four out of five of us will experience one or more coworkers who bully or backstab (or at least attempt it). In all walks of life, there are people who pull time away in political maneuvering, grabbing resources, and creating distractions. … Read more

How to Take a Good Profile Picture of Yourself

By Debra Benton
Man pointing a camera in direction of the viewer.

A photo is around a long time, especially when transmitted around the world via social media. Almost anyone can see an online photo and even download it, which means deleting it online won’t help you escape an unflattering photo. Good “spontaneous” photos don’t just happen. You have to know how to take a good profile … Read more

How to Give a Good Handshake to Make a Great First Impression

By Debra Benton
Man holding hand out for handshake

In our diverse world, there are a number of ways to greet other people. When Richard Maracinko, author of several books on the NAVY SEALs, shakes hands, he uses two. The left is to check your pulse to see if you’re nervous meeting him, and then he acts accordingly. A famous restaurant owner in New … Read more

4-Step Secret to Success from Top CEOs

By Debra Benton
CEO Coach

In my executive coaching of 30+ years I’ve worked with over a thousand chief executives from eighteen different countries and in every industry. Once a week someone asks my take on the secret to success in business. I can answer with four points: 1. Smile Smile because you have to look and act confident. An … Read more