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Debra Benton rated a top 10 executive coach in the world
Top CEO Coaches names Debra one of the Top 10 coaches in the world, along with Ram Charan, Tony Robbins, and Marshall Goldsmith.

The privilege I have is beyond belief. My clients are "happy campers" who have typically just come off another great year. They have a good working life and their friends envy them. They also believe that a day without learning and growing is a missed day.

They seek executive coaching because while caught up in their daily life running their organizations, they know their own future can't wait for the future. They want intriguing ideas, useful approaches, and tangible steps now to do things differently for both themselves and their organizations.

For forty years I've been a paid observer of the behavior and decisions of business leaders my clients look up to. First-hand learning from successful leaders' experiences has trained me to have a perspective very few have from exposure few have had. In a short time, I can give insight into the part of your own life that you cannot yet see.

With objectivity and careful intervention I give clear, direct, pragmatic advice to handle anything in the best possible way to drive the best possible outcome. Clients say that I "think about things others don't think about — and in a way that others don't."

Executive Coach Debra Benton Put simply, what I do for a living is bring awareness, then adjustment — because even a small mid-course correction changes everything.

When we work together, even the best leaders get better.

— Debra

What Others Say About Debra Benton

Bob Berkowitz, former CNN correspondent "Benton teaches smart, savvy, experienced people to stand out in an increasingly crowded workforce. She makes the difference in making them special. The competition is brutal. Benton teaches people that the way you communicate and interact can be your tipping point for success."
— Bob Berkowitz, former CNN correspondent

Lara Nichols, Tyco International "Following her ideas I received a promotion and a raise at a time when salaries were frozen for cost containment. I expanded my work responsibilities to include an entire new category of strategic planning, and was recognized as a finalist for a prestigious international industry award."
— Lara Nichols, Tyco International

Allison Saltzer, Microsoft "Debra's advice is like the golf pro who gets you to move your thumb one inch on your grip to keep you out of the rough and increase your chance of getting a hole in one... She has been the single biggest impact on my career."
— Allison Saltzer, Microsoft

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The Leadership Mind Switch

In this brave new business world, traditional leadership styles just won't cut it. Only those leaders who operate with a sense of urgency, communicate with clarity and honesty, and maintain a healthy respect for change will land up — and remain — on top. In The Leadership Mind Switch, will take you through the process of becoming an effective 21st Century leader.

Debra Benton and Kyllie Wright Ford
Debra Benton and Kyllie Wright Ford

"Simply put, this is the best leadership book I've ever read."
— Robert Eckert, former CEO Mattel and before that Kraft. Named Executive of the Year by Businessweek in 2001

The Leadership Mind Switch: Rethinking How We Lead  in the New World of Work

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