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Executive Presence Coaching

Over the years, I have learned a lot from can, too.

Doug Conant, Founder of ConantLeadership
     and Former CEO of Campbell Soup Company

Intelligence, hard work, and experience are not enough to succeed at the executive level.

If executives are not perceived favorably, cannot positively influence those around them, or lack the confidence to stand out from the crowd, then they are unable to lead effectively and will not be able to reach their full potential. This is known as executive presence- the ability to inspire confidence, generate trust, resonate with, and impress any and everyone from subordinates to superiors. It is the defining mark of a good leader.

Those who lack executive presence must develop this crucial skill if they, and their companies, are to succeed. Executive presence coaching provides a pathway to creating leaders who know how to lead.

As a top executive coach and author of Executive Presence for the Modern Leader and Executive Charisma, Debra Benton has proven experience coaching leaders to develop their executive presence.

Over thirty years ago, she started asking top CEOs what set successful executives apart from those who had comparable intelligence and experience. She has shared those insights with executives across the globe, changing their lives and careers through her executive presence coaching. Executives who work with Debra learn how to

  • Embrace Their Unique Leadership Style

  • Enhance Their Emotional Intelligence

  • Generate Trust and Respect In Others

  • Craft Their Unique Brand

  • Communicate Effectively

  • Influence Others Positively

What Clients Are Saying About Debra Benton's Coaching Expertise

Debra—my coach, mentor, and friend. 
Deanna Mulligan, CEO of PURPOSEFUL, former Fortune 250 Chairman and CEO, and Best Selling Author of Hire Purpose: How Smart Companies Can Close The Skills Gap

Benton provides an insightful treatment on how to achieve and be recognized as a leader...
she has captured the essence of what CEOs are looking for in their employees.

— Larry L., LMCO

Debra Benton has made an exceptional impact in my career and my life.  Her tips on how to show up, how to maintain others' self esteem, and how to keep your grace under pressure has affected every relationship in my professional and personal life.  In my review after working with Debra, my manager told me my exceptional performance was due not only to my results, but to the fact that I was calm, confident, credible and trusted across the organization and to our customers.  That's directly from what I learned working with Debra.
Allison Saltzer, IOT & AI Business Development Director Microsoft Global Black Belt Team

Benton teaches you how to plan, create, and act to set yourself apart from the competition.
— Carl J., Del Monte Foods

Let me start by quoting my boss who, when recommending a coach for me, said "Debra is possibly the best one on the planet - I'm not exaggerating." My expectations were really high, but after a few sessions I felt that my boss shouldn't have said "possibly" the best coach on the planet. Debra takes the time to truly understand your aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses - and who you are as a person and a leader. She has the innate ability to combine her extensive experience and scholarly research with poignant personal stories, empathy, and energy to give you both the tools, smarts, and confidence to become a better leader, executive, and human.

Her follow-up is relentless and long-term - she is always available when you need help. Her approach to advancing your executive presence is flexible and dynamic - drawing on both tried and true structured models and on-the-spot improvisation. This is how I would describe the effect that Debra's coaching has had on me: everything I do well is because of what she taught me, and everything I still need to improve upon is because I didn't listen to her…
Olga Selina, VP HERE Technologies, Operations, Planning and Innovation

Eleven Commitments You Can Expect When You Hire Me For Executive Coaching

  • 1 You get me as your personal advisor; you are not relegated to anyone else, ever.
  • 2 You will be the beneficiary of everything I've learned from the hundreds of CEOs and C-level executives I've successfully coached, consulted with, and been mentored by over the past 30+ years.
  • 3 Together we will confidentially delve into your past experiences, successes, and setbacks in deep-dive, one-on-one conversations. In those conversations we'll get clarity as to where you are, where you want to go, and what could stop you if not effectively dealt with now.
  • 4 You will get pragmatic advice for handling your specific situation and taking the right steps to achieve your goals "10X" better than competent colleagues do it.
  • 5 You will not be put through a barrage of aptitude or psych tests.
  • 6 With your consent, I will interview five or six people you identify to get opinions that you may not be aware of in terms of your strengths or weaknesses.
  • 7 Throughout our time together, you gain entry onto my calendar whenever you need it. You have unlimited access to me via phone and email for follow-up conversations.
  • 8 We intercede before running into significant challenges or rough patches as you assume a new position, take on more responsibility, increase your influence, and gain visibility.
  • 9 Together we will set up an approach to measure progress so it is meaningful and sustainable.
  • 10 You become a friend and are welcome to call or write me with questions well into the future. Past clients have contacted me two, six, and even twenty years after their coaching programs.
  • 11 From our continued discussions, we'll develop a roadmap of tangible steps to take now and later. You'll know how to:
  • Resolve recurring problems
  • Overcome barriers
  • Add measurable value to your personal brand
  • Manage conflict
  • Influence people, even those who don't report to you
  • Do things you didn't think were possible
  • Think differently than you've been taught
  • Set an example for others
  • Reflect well on superiors
  • Take care of the people entrusted to you
  • Surprise yourself

How Executive Presence Coaching Benefits the Entire Organization

Debra's approach to coaching has a proven track record of benefiting executives and their companies. Companies who partner with her to provide executive presence coaching benefit from:

  • More productive employees who've learned new ways to: manage conflict, make decisions, lead, influence, and coach others.

  • Happier, confident employees who meet their goals and objectives—leading to a healthier, non-toxic culture.

  • Better new hires, attracted to the company's positive environment.

  • Lower turnover and higher retention of good people.

  • Better competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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