Greener Grass? Be Sure You Have Good Reasons To Look For Another Job

By Debra Benton
Small chalkboard sign that say "It's Time For A New Job"

Change sometimes needs a little push. If you’re feeling the need for something different, you shouldn’t count on your situation to change on its own. Instead, consider what you can do to take responsibility for your career and life. Sometimes this will mean making a drastic move like looking for a new job.  A new … Read more

3 Key Benefits of Executive Coaching That Can Change Your Career

By Debra Benton
Executive Coach Gesturing While Discussing Issue With Client

It’s exciting to once again be entering a new year and a fresh start (although I’m a little concerned about a year that sounds like “2020 Won”). A new year always feels like a chance for positive change.  I’m not talking about grandiose New Year’s resolutions (although those are all well and good). Instead, I’m … Read more

18 Guidelines For Life That Will Serve Your Children (And You) Well

By Debra Benton
Biracial couple sitting on the floor of their living room reading a book with their small daughter

As we (finally) approach the end of 2020, it’s safe to say that this has been an unprecedented year for many of us. “Normal” has changed dramatically and there have been a lot of opportunities for growth, or as they’re sometimes called “problems.”  Despite a year of change and the changing year, there are some … Read more

What CEOs Want From Their Employees

By Debra Benton
CEO Shaking Hand WIth An Employee With City Skyline Behind Them

Most career-minded individuals spend some time thinking about what their boss wants from them. But if you really want to grow your career, consider not only what your boss wants from you, but also what your CEO wants . You can be an excellent employee, but if you don’t differentiate yourself in the ways that … Read more

6 Steps To Praising Employees For A Job Well Done

By Debra Benton
CEO Praising employees for a job well done

If you rarely praise your employees, you are neglecting a key aspect of leadership. Praising your employees should be less of a “nicety” and more of an obligation.  As a leader, it is your responsibility to uplift others around you and create an affirming and team-oriented culture. A key way to do this is through … Read more