How to Develop Self-Confidence At Work

By Debra Benton
How To Develop Self-Confidence At Work

Have you ever seen that CEO, executive or rising co-worker who has a certain presence about them? They exude charisma but aren’t trying to impress you. They are eager to learn but are comfortable in their own skin and intellect. These are the people with self-confidence. The person with confidence is the person we turn … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide To Running Effective Virtual Meetings

By Debra Benton
A Comprehensive Guide to Running Effective Virtual Meetings

Love them or hate them, virtual meetings are part of today’s work landscape. With so many people working from home, they’re crucial to maintaining morale and teamwork. According to Gigaom, 87% of remote team members feel more connected to their team when they can use video conferencing.   However, as is true of any conference, you … Read more

Lights, Camera, Action! Making A Memorable Impression In Virtual Group Meetings

By Debra Benton
Virtual Group Meetings

For good or bad, video is memorable. Almost all of us have heard a story about someone who goofed on camera. For instance, I know of a bank executive who joined in on a video call with his team and, carelessly forgetting he was live, picked up the newspaper and started reading while occasionally picking … Read more

Be A Virtual Executive: How To Successfully Lead From Your Home Office

By Debra Benton
Be A Virtual Executive: How To Succesfully Lead From the Home Office

Over twenty years ago, I started my life as a virtual executive. I had been looking at office space in New York or San Francisco, when along came a cowboy and swept me off my feet. (When I say cowboy, I mean a real cowboy. A mountain living, cattle wranglin’, horse riding man who personified … Read more

Bite-Size Executive Coaching: A New Option for 2020

By Debra Benton
Bite-Size Executive Coaching

You can remember times where you’ve been stuck, you had a career crisis, or a gigantic choice to make and you had no one objective and experienced to talk to about it — well, now you do.  I am now offering bite-size executive coaching for what you need, when you need it. A long-term coaching … Read more