6 Steps To Praising Employees For A Job Well Done

By Debra Benton
CEO Praising employees for a job well done

If you rarely praise your employees, you are neglecting a key aspect of leadership. Praising your employees should be less of a “nicety” and more of an obligation.  As a leader, it is your responsibility to uplift others around you and create an affirming and team-oriented culture. A key way to do this is through … Read more

Excerpt: An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

By Debra Benton
An Introvert's Guide to Networking

The following is a brief excerpt from my new book, An Introvert’s Guide to Networking, available from Amazon and wherever books are sold. You Have a Lot to Offer You have a lot to offer, and it probably isn’t your style to toot your own horn. On the other hand, if people don’t know anything … Read more

How to Keep Employees From Leaving The Company

By Debra Benton
How To Keep Employees From Leaving The Company

Like any good leader, you know that smart employee recruiting is important. You want the right people for your company. And like many other leaders, you’ve come to realize that it’s just as important to spend time on employee retention.  If you have the right people, you don’t want to lose them. It costs time … Read more

Go For The Top Job: 11 Benefits Of Being A CEO

By Debra Benton
11 Benefits Of Being A CEO

Every organization needs a leader. Motorcycle gangs have (officially and unofficially) designated leaders, as do Red Cross workers. Children on school playgrounds follow the leader. Even dogs follow a leader of their pack. In business, you have lots of leaders (Manager, VP, CFO, etc.) but the “top dog” above them all is the CEO. At … Read more

Learning People’s Names: A Powerful Tool In Building Influence

By Debra Benton
Learning People’s Names: A Powerful Step To Building Influence

You probably like to hear your name favorably called out. This is not you having a big ego, it’s you being human. Studies show that hearing your name activates your brain differently than hearing someone else’s names. We are wired to enjoy positive recognition. Others feel the same way. People never forget that you remembered … Read more