Executive Presence For The Modern Leader

Excerpt of Executive Presence For The Modern Leader

The following is a brief excerpt from my new book, Executive Presence For The Modern Leader, available from Amazon and wherever books are sold. Emotional Intelligence Intellectual intelligence will always be important; that’s how you do your work and it’s certainly a prerequisite for leadership. But executive presence requires something more rare and more valuable: … Read more

A Hand Placing Block That Says "Trust" in a wood block wall. "Building Trust At Work"

The One Step Guide To Building Trust At Work

A reputation for integrity and trustworthiness is worth whatever it may cost to build it. Integrity can make or break your career.  Building trust at work makes you more likely to be promoted, motivates your peers and subordinates to follow you, and helps you stand out from the crowd.  Conversely, break trust (even once) by … Read more

Sign That Says "Slow Down" To Help You Improve Effectiveness At Work

Want To Improve Effectiveness At Work? Try Slowing Down

If you want to improve effectiveness at work, start by slowing down instead of speeding up. I was in a meeting with two executives discussing group training for some of their managers and department heads. Suddenly, a woman burst in to inform one of the executives about a change in appointments.  With rapid-fire words, she … Read more

Choose Your Attitude - a signpost with two signs pointing opposite each other "Negativity" and "Positivity"

You Can (And Should) Choose Your Attitude In Any Situation

I wore a yellow dress to my mother’s funeral.  It caused the wags of the relatives to whisper in disapproval but my mother had instructed me to wear it before she died. She knew I’d be sad and she wanted to remind me to be untroubled and lead a cheerful life like she had taught … Read more

Female Boss Giving Constructive Feedback to Male Employee

7 Steps For Giving Constructive Feedback To Your Employees

Just as you owe it to people to praise them, you owe it to them to offer constructive feedback.  When you have individuals directly assigned to you, it is essential to be a teacher, mentor, positive critic, and advocate for their personal and career growth. You can’t do this if you aren’t giving constructive feedback. … Read more

Woman packing up belongings in her office after being laid off

5 Tips For Surviving A Layoff

Whether it’s “your fault” or not, being let go can be a traumatic experience.  It invariably produces emotions ranging from disbelief and rage to guilt, shame, and depression. It can create financial stress, which often leads to serious anxiety and conflicts within families.  And the sense of uncertainty and loss of control that goes with … Read more

Mature Businessman With Chin on Hand Pondering Self-Awareness in Business

How To Develop Self-Awareness In Business (Yes, It Matters!)

A business friend of mine named Garret once played a mischievous trick on his employees. He pulled out their resumes from his file and made a few changes to them.  He altered the employees’ names, the names of the companies they’d worked for, and other details that would identify each employee. At the next staff … Read more

Small chalkboard sign that say "It's Time For A New Job"

Greener Grass? Be Sure You Have Good Reasons To Look For Another Job

Change sometimes needs a little push. If you’re feeling the need for something different, you shouldn’t count on your situation to change on its own. Instead, consider what you can do to take responsibility for your career and life. Sometimes this will mean making a drastic move like looking for a new job.  A new … Read more

Executive Coach Gesturing While Discussing Issue With Client

3 Key Benefits of Executive Coaching That Can Change Your Career

It’s exciting to once again be entering a new year and a fresh start (although I’m a little concerned about a year that sounds like “2020 Won”). A new year always feels like a chance for positive change.  I’m not talking about grandiose New Year’s resolutions (although those are all well and good). Instead, I’m … Read more

Biracial couple sitting on the floor of their living room reading a book with their small daughter

18 Guidelines For Life That Will Serve Your Children (And You) Well

As we (finally) approach the end of 2020, it’s safe to say that this has been an unprecedented year for many of us. “Normal” has changed dramatically and there have been a lot of opportunities for growth, or as they’re sometimes called “problems.”  Despite a year of change and the changing year, there are some … Read more