How to Apologize for a Mistake at Work

A sincere apology is an undervalued leadership skill. Too often, it seems that the only apologies we hear from leaders are those made after they’ve been “found out.” They’re carefully crafted PR pieces, not genuine expressions of remorse. You can do better.  I’m not advocating for constant, meaningless apologies. Nor am I saying you should … Read more

Leadership Lessons from Real Cowboys

In business, too often a courageous, think-and-act-outside-of-the-box individual is pejoratively labeled a cowboy.  As if being a cowboy is a bad thing! Whoa! That’s exactly what I want on my team. Why? Because I know cowboys — real cowboys. They are about inspiration, not regulation. They don’t worry about rules but rather principles, values, and … Read more

Kick-Off the New Year with a New Attitude

What’s your New Year’s Resolution this year? Eating healthier? Changing careers? Working out more? Most of our resolutions revolve around external activities and habits (and according to studies shared on Inc., most of us quit on them by the second week of February – yikes!). But could I suggest a different resolution for this year? … Read more

5 Steps to Conflict Resolution

5 Steps to Conflict Resolution

Conflict at work is inevitable. You are, after all, working with people. In today’s culturally diverse, multigenerational workforce, it’s bound to happen. According to the Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness, a CPP study found that 85% of individuals and leaders agreed they experienced some amount of inevitable conflict at work. And 29% of all … Read more

3 Keys to personal branding

3 Keys to Personal Branding

Today’s workforce is multigenerational and diverse, but despite generational and cultural differences, there is one fact that remains true for everyone. Whether you are Gen-Z, a Millenial, Boomer, or Gen-X, you have to separate yourself from contenders in a competitive environment.  This fact remains true even if you are working virtually rather than face to … Read more

How To Communicate Internationally

How To Communicate Internationally

There is about a 100 percent possibility that in the course of your day you will be communicating with someone from a different country who has had a different cultural upbringing and who speaks a different first language than you do. As one of my coaching clients explained, “I was with team members on a … Read more

An employee pushing back at work

The Value of Pushing Back At Work

Good employees look out for their company and their boss, even if it means standing up to the boss. Good bosses don’t want “yes” people to lazily agree with all of their decisions. Sure, everyone likes to feel validated and hear that their ideas are wonderful, excellent, and stupendous, but a good boss knows to … Read more