Executive Coaching

Become a More Effective Leader

Debra —  my coach, mentor, and friend.

Deanna Mulligan, CEO of PURPOSEFUL, former Fortune 250 Chairman and CEO,
and Best Selling Author of Hire Purpose: How Smart Companies Can Close The Skills Gap

Debra's approach is straightforward, open and honest. She can help any emerging leader, executive, or executive-to-be improve their skills, capabilities, and performance to:

  • Eliminate leadership style blind spots

  • Manage conflict for successful resolutions

  • Collaborate, communicate, and connect with diverse constituents

  • Be decisive and execute critical decisions

  • Mentor and develop the next generation of leaders

Eleven commitments you can expect when you hire me as your executive coach:

  • 1 You get me as your personal advisor; you are not relegated to anyone else, ever.
  • 2 You will be the beneficiary of everything I've learned from the hundreds of CEOs and C-level executives I've successfully coached, consulted with, and been mentored by over the past 30+ years.
  • 3 Together we will confidentially delve into your past experiences, successes, and setbacks in deep-dive, one-on-one conversations. In those conversations we'll get clarity as to where you are, where you want to go, and what could stop you if not effectively dealt with now.
  • 4 You will get pragmatic advice for handling your specific situation and taking the right steps to achieve your goals "10X" better than competent colleagues do it.
  • 5 You will not be put through a barrage of aptitude or psych tests.
  • 6 With your consent, I will interview five or six people you identify to get opinions that you may not be aware of in terms of your strengths or weaknesses.
  • 7 Throughout our time together, you gain entry onto my calendar whenever you need it. You have unlimited access to me via phone and email for follow-on conversations.
  • 8 We intercede before running into significant challenges or rough patches as you assume a new position, take on more responsibility, increase your influence, and gain visibility.
  • 9 Together we will set up an approach to measure progress so it is meaningful and sustainable.
  • 10 You become a friend and are welcome to call or write me with questions well into the future. Past clients have contacted me two, six, and even twenty years after their coaching programs.
  • 11 From our continued discussions, we'll develop a roadmap of tangible steps to take now and later. You'll know how to:
  • Resolve recurring problems
  • Overcome barriers
  • Add measurable value to your personal brand
  • Manage conflict
  • Influence people, even those who don't report to you
  • Do things you didn't think were possible
  • Think differently than you've been taught
  • Set an example for others
  • Reflect well on superiors
  • Take care of the people entrusted to you
  • Surprise yourself

How Executive Coaching Benefits the Entire Organization

Debra's approach to coaching has a proven track record of benefiting both employees and their companies. Companies who partner with her to provide executive coaching benefit from:

  • More productive employees who've learned new ways to: manage conflict, make decisions, lead, influence, and coach others.

  • Happier, confident employees who meet their goals and objectives—leading to a healthier, non-toxic culture.

  • Better new hires, attracted to the company's positive environment.

  • Lower turnover and higher retention of good people.

  • Better competitive advantage in the marketplace.

What Clients Are Saying About Debra Benton's Coaching Expertise

From one small nuance in a totally different belief we realized an immediate 33% retention.
— Darrel J., AT&T

Benton teaches you how to plan, create, and act to set yourself apart from the competition.
— Carl J., Del Monte Foods

Debra has been my coach for many years because she provides clear and succinct advice and techniques that have advanced my career.
— Michael G., United Launch Alliance

Benton provides an insightful treatment on how to achieve and be recognized as a leader...
she has captured the essence of what CEOs are looking for in their employees.

— Larry L., LMCO

Debra taught me to think, to look at things from a different perspective -- 
to open up my mind. I'd tell any new client of hers to be prepared to have a provocative discussion, but in a style that is welcoming.

— Ted W., Setai Corp

I learned short cuts from Debra that are priceless. They don't teach you this at school or even at work....this material is a gold mine to a younger person in the workforce....
— Sonia M., Covidion

Ready to be a more effective leader?