How to Give a Good Handshake to Make a Great First Impression

By Debra Benton
Man holding hand out for handshake

In our diverse world, there are a number of ways to greet other people. When Richard Maracinko, author of several books on the NAVY SEALs, shakes hands, he uses two. The left is to check your pulse to see if you’re nervous meeting him, and then he acts accordingly. A famous restaurant owner in New … Read more

4-Step Secret to Success from Top CEOs

By Debra Benton
CEO Coach

In my executive coaching of 30+ years I’ve worked with over a thousand chief executives from eighteen different countries and in every industry. Once a week someone asks my take on the secret to success in business. I can answer with four points: 1. Smile Smile because you have to look and act confident. An … Read more

How to recognize life patterns and make better choices

By Debra Benton
Life choice road signs

Consider the dozens of life and career choices you’ve made over the years. Try to remember how and why you make those choices. What were you expecting at the time? How did the reality match up with your expectations? Did the choice of school, career, job, or spouse worked out better than you dreamed – … Read more

Your Go-To Approach — and Fall-Back Approach — Should Always be the Golden Rule

By Debra Benton
People shaking hands

Consistently Follow the Golden Rule: What you want for yourself, you give to others. Do right and do it consistently in how you think, act, and interact with people. Over the years there are versions of the “rule” that I’ve heard from colleagues. Pick one that rings true for you: Do what’s right for the other … Read more

Four Steps to Manage Conflict in the Workplace

By Debra Benton
Manage conflict blog post

Solve More Problems Sooner and Better Than Other People Do  You are in your job for one reason: to solve problems, which often means people problems. Business life is made of problems—and thank goodness for that! Interpersonal workplace conflicts truly are opportunities. They’re the vehicles for learning, growing, and proving yourself on the job. The … Read more