Woman packing up belongings in her office after being laid off

5 Tips For Surviving A Layoff

Whether it’s “your fault” or not, being let go can be a traumatic experience.  It invariably produces emotions ranging from disbelief and rage to guilt, shame, and depression. It can create financial stress, which often leads to serious anxiety and conflicts within families.  And the sense of uncertainty and loss of control that goes with … Read more

Mature Businessman With Chin on Hand Pondering Self-Awareness in Business

How To Develop Self-Awareness In Business (Yes, It Matters!)

A business friend of mine named Garret once played a mischievous trick on his employees. He pulled out their resumes from his file and made a few changes to them.  He altered the employees’ names, the names of the companies they’d worked for, and other details that would identify each employee. At the next staff … Read more