The Similarities In Our Differences


Recently, a German publication Coaching-Magazin honored me by featuring my work in the states and how it applies to the German audience.

As I perused the article, it occurred to me that the reason an American coach can be highlighted in a German publication is because, despite our differences, we are more similar than dissimilar. It reminded me of an experience I had while cooking

I’m an avid cook, but I don’t like wasting ingredients. One day after making dim sum, I had a package of wonton wrappers still left. Wondering if I could find a new use for the package, I did some research. In just one Saturday morning, I found recipes to use the same “Chinese” wrapper to make maultaschensuppe (a German dumpling), Russian Ramen, Tibetan Momos, Georgian Khinkali, Jewish Kreplach, Sichuan Chili wontons, Pierogi, Ukrainian Manti, Slovenian dumplings, Italian Tortellini, and Montreal Peanut Butter Dumplings.

Each recipe had the same “outside” but the insides changed a little with geography, history, culture, tastes, available items, etc. All recipes achieved the same goal of satisfying taste and providing nourishment using the same outside wrapper but different “inside the wrapper” techniques and ingredients.

Today’s workforce is much the same. We are humans who are made up of differences on the inside, but we all have the same outside goal. We are all pursuing happiness – whether with food or a career, in America or Germany.

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